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June 25, 2018

The four most popular office design trends of 2018

The world of fit-out and design is ever-changing. We know that could come across as a bit clichéd, but believe us – design trends change with every 360° rotation around the sun, and with them change the needs of businesses across the country.
In 2018, design habits are all about keeping things fun whilst tapping into an industrial way of styling – that may sound oxymoronic, but it works a treat! So, let’s take a look at four of the most popular office design trends of 2018.

Activity zones
Gone are the days of the traditional workspace. The working population is getting younger, and they’re bringing some fresh workspace design ideas to work with them. One of the key office design trends of 2018 is activity zones and stand-out feature elements.
These spaces are created to drive productivity, increase employee morale and attract talent. All over the world, Google offices are driving forward these creative spaces, creating an office putting-green and authentic jungle in Dublin, and a New York apartment-styled conference room in New York City.
At Workspace, we’ve commandeered the use of activity zones with our work on Social Chain’s Manchester office – we fitted one a breakout area with a comfy, mattress-like floor reminiscent to that of a soft play area, with a slide exit into a ball pool. Check it out here!

Revitalising the Industrial era
The industrial era may be a thing of the past, but industrial design is one of the most popular office design trends of 2018.
Businesses have fallen for a more industrial office feel this year, which ironically is suiting the needs of a modern workforce! Exposed brick walls are at the height of their popularity, forming an impressive backdrop to any office space, whilst hanging pendant lights and exposed ceilings encourage a more open space within the workplace and offer a trendy environment in which you’d feel pride welcoming business contacts into.
And don’t worry about it all looking a bit too structured or harsh – you can soften the space with warmer furnishings to create a wonderfully welcoming environment. You could even utilise Pantone’s colour of the year (which we touch on down below!).

Meeting pods
The crux of a productive workspace in 2018.
Some of the biggest decisions you will make as a business will be whilst in a meeting. Unfortunately, traditional meeting room designs don’t meet the need of a changing workface, which has brought about the rise of the meeting pod.
Although they’ve been around for a couple of years, newer and more interesting designs have been creatively birthed to drive a new wave of excitement around the unique meeting habitat.
With business’ growing desire to create a more collaborative working environment, it’s unsurprising that meeting pods are a popular trend in 2018.

Pantone – Ultra Violet, 2018 Colour of the Year
“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” – this is what Pantone has to say about their Colour of the Year – which fits in quite nicely as we discuss current and future office design trends.
The great thing about Pantone’s colour of the year is that even once it’s debunked the following year, it’s still going to be a widely loved colour scheme – it’s just had to step down from its throne in accordance to Pantone scripture.
Ultra Violet is a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, which is said to communicate “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” – pretty spot on for forward-thinking and innovative businesses, don’t you think?
So, when you’re redesigning your office space, introducing meeting pods or wish to soften up your ‘industrialised’ workspace, consider using 2018’s favourite colour, Ultra Violet.

The most popular design trends of 2018
And that’s it – what do you think? Are you keen to redesign your office space and utilise these much-loved trends?
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