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June 20, 2018

The importance of risk-free contracting in design

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a new commercial build is the fit-out and design. Not only does this decide the aesthetic of the office – important for workplace wellbeing and productivity – but it also finalises the office’s accessibility and ease of use for occupants.
Because the design is so important, it’s vital that it comes risk-free.
Risk-free design safeguards you against a lot of issues including cost escalation, delays and health & safety problems. Below are some of the key reasons for you to do your research and find a risk-free design and fit-out specialist.

Cost escalation
One of the main issues that can arise from hiring design specialists who aren’t known for their reliability is cost escalation. Within the agreed scope of work there will be costs for all aspects of the project, including materials and cost-per-worker. An unreliable fit-out specialist will continuously add to these costs.
These ‘specialists’ will make mistakes, increase the length of the project and find flaws in their initial plans, all of which will incur greater costs to the developer.
You have commissioned this office fit-out with an overall fee in your head – an inexperienced, ‘cheaper’ or untrusted design specialist will likely do a poorer job and inevitably create a much larger expense for you.

Plans will be devised from the offset regarding duration of the project, estimated milestones and completion dates, however an untrusted fit-out specialist is guaranteed to create unexpected delays.
This is a big problem for office fit-outs – there will be teams of individuals and businesses who won’t be able to move in on their expected date and you will be at fault for this. Not only will this damage your reputation as an employer/commercial real estate investor, but it could even lead to you having to pay for temporary office accommodation for your future tenants whilst their office completes.

Cut corners
Attention to detail is key to an office fit out, and sometimes to ensure their project finishes on time, that the workers get home on time and that the fit-out contractor has time to focus on other projects, corners inevitably get cut.
The issue with corners being cut is the unavoidable increased expense from having to fix these problems, which then ultimately delays the project – the knock-on effects that arise from unreliable fit-out agents not putting the time, energy and care into a project are unending, costly, and not worth the hassle.

Health & safety
Finally, we have health and safety concerns – undoubtedly the most unnerving issue that comes from hiring less established fit out contractors. The average office worker spends 40 hours per week in the workplace, so creating an environment that is comfortable and safe for everyone is essential. The design of an office should create a totally accessible space.
By hiring an experienced fit-out specialist you will not only ensure that future tenants have a safe, welcoming office, but you’ll develop a relationship with a trusted consultant that you can use for future commercial developments.

Get the risk-free design you need
If you’re currently developing a new commercial site that’s in need of a risk-free design and fit-out specialist, get in touch with us at Workspace Design & Build and we’ll be able to help you out.
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