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July 09, 2018

The importance of a supply chain – getting the job done

The design and fit-out of a commercial development is not a one-man job. It takes teams of professionals to ensure a successful completion, and as such it’s important to not only hire a specialist with an expert supply chain, but to treat them as an extension of your own company.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the importance of a supply chain, and how to make sure each team works in unison to get the job done.


When you get into the design and build industry, whether you’re a contractor, fit-out specialist or design team, you’re immediately making a promise to all future clients that you’re going to do the job you’re paid to do, at a professional level.

It’s important to uphold these ethics – a huge amount of trust is imparted onto us when we’re hired onto a new project and we should deliver what’s been asked in the agreed time frame to uphold our names as specialists in our field, strengthening our bond and relationship with our clients.

Similarly, it’s important that the developer stays true to their agreement with any and all subcontractors to ensure a smooth, hassle-free project.


Your relationships are crucial. More new business is won through who you know rather than how you market yourself, so by not delivering or by throwing a spanner into the works of the supply chain, you’re at risk of losing important relationships that may bring you future work.

In a guide to relationship marketing by Huffington Post, CEO of RKG Marketing Solutions Kay Green, said: “If you treat every client as your most important one, happy clients are more likely to make referrals.” This is key – if you’re not developing your relationship with a client, or the client isn’t upholding their end of the agreement, it could be detrimental to the future of your company.


This is unfortunately one of the main reasons why a supplier chain breaks down.

Subcontractors are hired and agreements are made in terms of payment and project length, however when the developer fails to pay on time, this can affect the entire supply chain, leading to:

• Project delays
• Irritated staff
• Corners being cut
• A poorly executed and unfinished refurbishment

Hit your payment deadlines and you can guarantee a professionally completed project and a happy customer.
The end goal

At the end of the day, our main goal is to ensure a happy customer. We’re all in the job of fit-out and design because we love what we do, and we love to deliver projects that the client once only dreamed of.

A supply chain that operates smoothly, works harmoniously with its project partners and works at the highest possible level will ensure each fit-out is a total success. Which after all, is the end goal.

And that’s it!

That’s the importance of a supply chain – with the right team and the right attitude towards that team, your project is destined to be a success.

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