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November 28, 2018

How to reflect your company’s personality and ethos in office design

Businesses are relentlessly competing to stand out from the crowd. Some find it harder than others to achieve this but one simple approach is ensuring that the culture and ethos of your company is embedded in all you undertake. In order to stand out, it is paramount that you live and breathe the values your company was founded upon, to the extent that your office is a physical embodiment of this and if not, what’s the point? The value of personality in office design is significantly underestimated!

Your office should be an expression of who you are and what values you represent. Effective office design is a great way of embedding your ethos and personality into the subconscious foundations of the company. From the moment a client walks through the door, they should immediately get a feel for who you are and the values that define you should be clearly reflected.

The key to do this is expression. The sky really is your limit when it comes to your workspace design, so what makes you stand out? Be true to yourselves and be sure not to misjudge the value of personality in office design. Stand out from the crowd and ensure your workspace genuinely resonates with your business and the principles you believe in.

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‘Know your brand and stay in your lane’

Make sure you are genuine and your office design is appropriate for whatever sector you might work in. Basically, don’t try and be something you’re not. Your office is the home of your business, it needs to communicate who you are!

As an example, it may not be appropriate to fit out your office with a ball pit and slide if you’re a law firm or accountancy – it might give off the wrong vibe. Equally, if you’re an agency in the creative sector, have a bit of personality and exhibit your creative flare. Don’t settle for a traditional or clinical workspace with white walls and plastic chairs. You’ve invested time and money in developing your business and brand, so own it, and let your office do the talking!

Speak to your staff

The last thing you want are members of your team disliking, or even hating their work space.

It’s crucial that your staff feel included in the company so consult them and ensure that they approve the office design. This is a great way to make sure your employees feel valued. Working in an office in which they have had an input will have a huge effect on how they work and their motivation.

Your office needs to reflect your company as a whole and therefore the entire team should be included. Simply consult your team and see if they have any preferences in order to fully reflect the personalities in your work-space.

Hire professionals

When it comes to office refurbishment, the reputation of your company and brand is at stake so it is vital you get it right. Hire professionals to get the job done correctly and to the standard you want it to be.

It’s important to never underestimate the significance of aesthetics and brand identity because it might just give you that edge over your competitor! You wouldn’t hire a trainee lawyer to defend you in court because you’d want to get the job done properly, and the same applies here.

Going at the project alone will not only cause unnecessary stress, it will also likely result in an undesired outcome. You need a somebody that asks all the right questions and knows exactly how to capture your personality and convey the essence of your company.

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