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December 12, 2018

How to ensure a budget and affordable office refurb

Refurbishing and bringing a little life back into your office is an exciting yet arduous task for all. A well thought out design is likely to inspire your colleagues, making their working day much more pleasant and comfortable. However, a contemporary revamp comes at a cost. In order to ensure a budget and affordable office refurb, follow these simple steps. It is very easy to get carried away trying to achieve exactly what you are envisaging and cost can be a challenge in itself.

The starting point of any office refurbishment is deciding exactly what you can afford and how much you are willing to spend on giving your office the desired make-over. Be realistic and do some comprehensive research way in advance of even beginning to put a plan into action. Ask yourself what your vision is and if the pot of money you have set aside is a reasonable measure for your expectations.

Value for money

As tempting as it is to splash out on the fashionable brands with the biggest repute and impressive host of lavish and flamboyant furniture, it’s also important to keep practicality in the back of your mind and make sure you are getting value for money. Unless your company has money to burn, your office refurbishment is likely to have to last you a relatively large amount of time, so make sure you are paying for true quality, not just the aesthetic quality. Secondly, don’t go too over the top. Only invest in what you need and don’t waste your money trying to keep up with contemporary trends. This is one of the most prevalent mistakes businesses make when striving to ensure a budget and affordable office refurb. Be unique and make sure your office stands out from the crowd, by all means! However, make sure your refurb still has an essence of the timeless classic to ensure your workspace doesn’t become tacky and won’t mature too quickly.

Be smart and selective

On the topic of practical buys, it’s important to ensure you source good quality furniture- it doesn’t have to cost the earth or look like a million dollars, but they will be used day-in-day-out so make sure it is comfortable and quality. Don’t settle for second best or prioritise your image over practicality. Ensuring your colleagues are working in a comfortable environment is vital for maximising motivation and productivity in your office. Cut costs where possible but don’t sacrifice what matters most and jeopardise the well-being of your staff to save yourself a few pounds. Be smart and selective- cut costs on aesthetics such as the wallpaper and carpet, but there are no shortcuts when it comes to quality and comfort.

Second hand stores & vintage shops

You can find some hidden gems if you take the time to scour shops that aren’t necessarily found on the high street or advertised in brochures. There are tonnes of bespoke stores, selling second-hand, quality furniture and decorations. You might surprise yourself what you come across, as no doubt there will be some great buys, hiding away in a number of stores not far from you. This is one very easy method to ensure a budget and affordable office refurb.

Don’t get carried away buying things you don’t need

We’re all guilty of getting carried away with the extra bits and bobs that don’t do anything other than enhance the visual quality of the office. However, that added exotic plant or funky rug certainly won’t be missed and may save you a significant sum of money. Pennies really do make pounds so don’t go over board when buying furniture that doesn’t actually bring anything to the office. Be disciplined and make a list of the things you really need and then stick to it!
If you need help keeping the cost down or would like any more information and advice- get in touch!