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January 16, 2019

4 reasons to get away from your desk today!

No matter how quirky, inspiring or contemporary your office space is, never underestimate the value of taking regular breaks.

To get the most out of your working day and reap the benefits of these breaks, it’s recommended to leave your desk at least once an hour. Now this may seem like a lot but working without stop for long stretches of time is extremely detrimental to your mood, health and productivity.

We’ve put together four benefits of getting away from your desk, so let’s hit pause and go for a stroll through these together!

Mood and mind-set

Being in the same environment all day, everyday can become tedious and de-motivating.

Getting away from your desk will give your day a bit of a refresh, enhancing your general well-being and reinvigorating your energy and drive. A short comfort break and some fresh air every now and again will undoubtedly brighten up your day, ease stress and replenish your dynamism.

Creativity and productivity

Some fresh air and a change of scenery will not only alleviate your mood, but it will boost your creativity and focus. This will ultimately enhance the quality of your work and overall efficiency as prolonged attention to a single task actually hinders performance.

Spending too long with your head down and your bottom pinned to your chair can do way more harm than good for creativity. Taking a few strategic breaks throughout the day when you begin to feel overloaded will give your mind a chance to organically come up with solutions and get your creative juices flowing!

Research suggests that getting out of the office and taking breaks raises workers’ level of engagement which, in turn, is highly correlated with productivity. So it’s a no brainer!


Movement breaks are also essential for your physical and emotional health. It is widely accepted that any form of physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Remaining static for too long, such as sitting at your desk significantly increases the risk of physical health problems such as muscle tension and painful knots. Oh, and don’t forget your vision – staring at a computer screen for hours at a time has an impact on your quality of eyesight. It’s recommended to look away from your screen and into the distance at least three times an hour.

Working for long stretches without breaks can also lead to stress and exhaustion so do yourself a favour and minimise fatigue, unnecessary anxiety and just let the creative juices flow!


Getting away from your desk for five or 10 minutes can also give you time to re-evaluate your goals for the day and refocus. Give yourself time to think about what you have already completed and what else you’d like to achieve. By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for success. A brief break in the workday is a chance to push the restart button and prioritise your goals for the day – you’ll be more focussed and can block out any distractions allowing you to work more efficiently.

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