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November 01, 2018

Five of the Coolest Workspaces in the World

Five of the Coolest Workspaces in the World

A lot of offices tend to look, well… like an office. Black office chairs, desks with a computer, landlines, filing cabinets. There are few things more likely to zap away all creativity and productivity than a plain, lifeless office.
However, this doesn’t have to be the way – it’s 2018, anything can be done! More and more companies are moving away from the typical industrial workspace and creating offices that allow for creativity and imagination. Whilst it’s easier said than done to completely renovate an entire working environment, it’s definitely the direction many business leaders are taking to reenergise their staff.
Let’s take a look at some of the coolest workspaces in the world.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office
This fantastic workspace epitomises the phrase ‘being at one with nature’. Selgas Cano built their inspiring office right in the middle of a forest. Just from a glance out of the window, workers will feel as though they are completely engrossed in the woods, which makes this agricultural office one of the coolest workspaces in the world. The glass window runs right from one side of the office to the other providing a stunning view and a workspace which is flooded with light. Nature has a calming effect and can reduce stress and anxiety at the drop of a hat. The perfect place to work.

Google San Francisco
Pets, play areas, themed levels, exercising and eating? Surely, that can’t be an office. Well, it is! Different zones throughout the office cater to individual personalities and needs within the workforce – for example, bike trails, gardens both inside and out, and swathes of glass walls keep those workers who love the outdoors feeling connected to nature at all times.
To add to the spectacular, you can find a giant hanging Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, ‘helicopter and hat air balloon’ meeting spaces, cinema rooms and a gym. Would you be happy with all of this in your office?

Inventionland Design Factory
This workspace couldn’t feel less like work if it tried. Inventionland has everything you can imagine and more:
• Pirate Ships
• Race Tracks
• Caves
• A Giant Robot
• Red Carpets
• A Castle
‘The best work comes out of the spirit of play’, is the founder’s motto, and clearly, this is something he stands by. Each space focuses on boosting productivity and most of all creativity to its full extent. The caves aren’t working for you today? That’s fine, just head over to the pirate ship.

Lego HQ Denmark
Feeling trapped in the workspace? Fear not, the Lego office breakout area is entertainment galore – have a go down the giant tunnel slide, marvel at the giant Lego men and women dotted around the office and feel comfortable with your working day knowing that it’s equal measure work and play.

Zynga HQ San Francisco
Everyone dreams of bringing your dog to work, but at Zynga you don’t have to dream. In their workspace there is a play area dedicated to bringing your furry friends – that alone is enough to make it one of the coolest workspaces in the world! Of course, that’s not all though.
As Zynga are the creators of multiple online games, the headquarters is split up into different areas to represent those games. For example, the people who work on the game ‘Farmville’ work in a farm-like environment and so forth. Fittingly, the company has a games room, and quite a fantastic one at that. From an arcade dance machine to motorbike simulators, this game area will provide all-day fun for employees (not when you’re meant to be working though!).

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