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October 23, 2018

The Importance of Colour in Office Design – Take 2

Colour has an impact on your mood, productivity and overall wellbeing – it can completely change your frame of mind in a matter of seconds. It’s for this reason that we’re going to take a deep dive into the importance of colour in office design.
For our regulars out there, you will know that we’ve recently published the first blog in this series, looking at green, blue, red and yellow – which you can find here – but as everyone knows there’s so many more options that are worth looking at before you get yourself over to B&Q, so let’s have another look into the science of colour.

Nice ‘n’ Simple – White
All white is alright? Not quite. Too much white can make a room feel sterile and hospital-like, which is understandably not an environment that an employee would want to spend any time in. Whilst too much white can be overpowering, it does have its benefits:
• Relates to light and cleanliness
• Evokes feelings of positivity and innocence
• Makes your office space feel clean and organised to visitors
Although a colour to be used in moderation, white is excellent at creating a space that’s bright, open and chic.

Back to Black
The colour black is an absolute staple in the office, and often does a fantastic job of making other colours pop. A nice bright colour paired with black is often the perfect partnership. Black is one of the most commonly used in everyday life, and here’s why:
• Emits feelings of authority and control
• Helps to achieve a feeling of luxury and elegance
• Related to strength, professionalism, precision and reliability
The latter point covers the exact vibe that many offices may want to give off. It’s always fabulous to add a splash of colour to keep things fun, but at the end of the day, your workplace should feel like a professional environment and having some statement black walls and furniture is a great way to achieve this.

The Colour Purple
Purple is the magic colour, quite literally! This luxurious colour creates an aura of mystery and magic, so this colour would be perfect for your office if you’re a clairvoyant! All jokes aside, this colour can be extremely effective in an office space as it evokes feelings of ambition, who doesn’t want ambitious staff?
Unfortunately, purple has its negative side:
• Light purple can elicit romantic feelings – not in the workplace, thank you!
• Dark purple can provoke quite gloomy, dismal thoughts
Whilst these negatives appear to be pretty unforgiving, purple is often amazing when used in a workplace that requires creativity as it is extremely expressive and helps to boost innovativeness. So, if you’re needing a creative epiphany, get the purple paint and roller out!

Orange is the New Black
Orange is considered an extremely happy colour, representing happiness and determination – something everyone should want in the workplace!
Dark orange is sometimes deemed as depressing, but bright orange is stimulating and refreshing. Too much of anything can be over-bearing so it’s probably best not to over-do it, but overall, there are very few negatives that come with this colour.

And that’s it for the importance of colour in office design
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