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January 27, 2020

Signs its time to renovate your office

There comes a time when every office needs some TLC, whether it’s due to wear and tear, company growth or new trends, so we’ve put together a handy list of signs to look out for when it’s time for a re-vamp.


Your office feels old fashioned.

If your furniture is showing signs of damage and feels old fashioned, it may be time for you to consider a makeover. Outdated offices can make employees feel uncomfortable, negative and can hinder motivation levels. Older office designs tend to be dull, using neutral colours with no vibrance, so adding colour to your office may positively impact employees moods, performance and creativity (see our blog post on The importance of colour in office design’). So why not see what a splash of colour can do?

The use of older technology in the office can also be a huge sign you need to renovate your office space. Using old office equipment can demotivate workers as they often tend to be slow and unreliable, therefore affecting productivity. Working with newer office equipment can also have the benefit of reducing electricity bills as they are designed to use less energy.

Your brand image is not visible

If your office space isn’t showing your brand image clearly, it can look unprofessional and communicate the wrong message to potential clients. Using your company colours and logos can prevent this being the case and can promote a sense of inclusivity within the workplace, as employees are more likely to feel “involved”. Even a small change such as creating an open office space and areas for collaborative working shows that the company values openness and communication within the workplace


You’re struggling for space

If your company has grown drastically in the past couple of years, and you are finding everywhere seems cluttered and messy, this could be a sign you need to invest in a refurbishment to make better use of the space you have.

By investing in good storage units, you can minimise clutter, allowing more room for your growing team. Also, innovative and multifunctional office furniture can help you make the most of your space.


If your office is showing these signs it may be time for you to upgrade your offices. For more information or help on this, please get in touch.