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December 12, 2019

Our favourite offices of 2019

With 2019 coming to a close, we look at our favourite worldwide offices from the past year. We have taken aesthetics, features and locations into consideration – read on to see our list!


Bark – Pet Supply Company

Pet supply company Bark based in Columbus, Ohio, has the worlds friendliest office for dogs with around 50 of them wandering the office space every day. All furniture is made from wipeable material so workers can enjoy their day alongside their pet.

Floors made of sealed concrete, rubber, and woven vinyl were installed so accidents can be easily cleaned. Partitions with inbuilt pods offer employees a place to chill out with their dogs – while also breaking up the office area.

We love the idea of a dog friendly office space, it would brighten up our days!


Googleplex offices – HQ Silicon Valley

Google’s HQ offices in Silicon Valley, California, has many amenities to boast about, it really is the office of dreams.

The 2,000,000 square ft office space has free (much needed!) bikes to get from one side of the campus to the other. The buildings also boast a fitness centre, where staff can keep healthy before or after work, or even on their lunch break. Massage rooms are also available to use on site as well – good to de-stress!

Nap pods are dotted throughout the offices in case workers want to recharge – napping at work is proven to increase productivity and improve overall performance. Sounds like a great idea to us!


Inventionland, Pittsburg

Inventionland is a Pittsburgh-based office space designed to provide a creative work environment where graphic designers, artists, industrial designers and others could design, develop and create prototypes.

Inventionland’s 60,000 sq ft workspace has 14 themed sets, designed to reflect the new product invention within. These themes include a shipwrecked pirate ship, a faux cave, racing track, a treehouse, cupcake kitchen and many more. The building contains 3 running waterfalls, lifelike trees, butterflies and grass.

Inventionland founders said the space is designed to inspire creativity, promote innovation and foster education.

This office sounds like a big playground and we love it!


SelgasCano, Madrid, Spain

Architect company, SelgasCano, based in Madrid, Spain has one of the best offices we have ever seen.

The tube-shaped office is situated right in the middle of a forest. The curved acrylic wall in the office space completely eliminates the need for any artificial lighting, and also allows a panoramic view of the woods beyond, where employees may see wildlife and animals pass by.

The office is half submerged into the earth, so there is little need for insulation. One part of the office is eye level with the forest floor, and the clear curved walls double up as windows and sky lights.

The office being so close to nature aims to promote a sense of calm and peacefulness. The architect company said they wanted their office to be somewhere where workers can dream and create, and where everyday is different. We think they have definitely achieved that!


Mindvalley, Kuala Lumpur

Mindvalley is an online New Age personal development education company, founded by Vishen Lakhiani. Mindvalley offers videos, courses, software, and services on New Age spirituality and self-help topics such as mindfulness, meditation, and “personal growth”.

The Mindvalley Headquarters, takes inspiration from the jungle gym playscape, and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Known as the ‘Temple of Light’, the office is flooded with poly-chromatic light, all down to the use of 3M Dichroic film across the steel frames and glass throughout the office, which is supposed to mimic stained glass windows, with a more playful twist.

The well-being led company has focused on employee health and comfort, so has incorporated standing desks and pull up bars. The office also features hypnotherapy rooms and napping facilities. Plant walls and suffused natural, iridescent light, the office is designed to lift the mood of the workers.

The pictures speak for themselves!

So there you have it, our top 5 office spaces for 2019. If you’ve read something you think could work for your office space, get in touch!