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June 15, 2016

Is there a thing as too many windows in the office?

Research shows that natural light within the workplace can have significant effect upon the wellbeing of your employees and therefore, overall productivity.

But, can there be thing as too many windows? In this blog we will look at the positives associated with having a number of windows and natural light within office design against the possible negatives.

How to light up your day

Natural light within office design is often overlooked as an important factor in creating a more productive workforce. State of the art computers and quirky communal space areas may have been recently adopted as intriguing ways to enhance employee creativity and wellbeing, but lets not take for granted our office windows.

When initially designing the layout of your office, how you are going to allow natural light to flow should be one of your first priorities.

To increase the amount of natural light that flows around the office, move any furniture that could be blocking any windows. By doing this, you will also be creating an open environment which will also effect the wellbeing of your employees. See our blog on the effects of an open workspace to find out about other benefits.

You could also use glass walls for private offices. Natural light will be able to flow from the windows and drift throughout, as well as giving a contemporary and cool look to your office design.

Natural light is the best light

Your employees will spend approximately 90% of their working day sat at their desk behind a computer screen and increasing the amount of natural light around them will do wonders for their general health as well as wellbeing.

Research has shown that windows were in fact the number one determinant in an employees’ satisfaction in their office. Did you know that natural lighting not only affects our ability to see, but also has positive effects upon our hormonal balance and therefore, mood and wellbeing?

And let’s not forget that our bodies are clever! Our eyes are designed to adjust with the changing levels of sunlight throughout the day, and having windows within the office will help your employees perform better.

Employees who are exposed to more natural light via office windows are proven to also sleep better. If your employees are better rested, not only will they will be able to perform better, but you will also expect to see a reduction in absenteeism.

What type of window?

When designing the layout of your office, why not consider installing floor to length windows? As well as being aesthetically inspiring, they also give the illusion of making the room seem larger.

If you are lucky enough to have a desirable office location where your surroundings are eye-catching and striking these could be of great benefit. Including these types of windows into office design are extremely likely to inspire your employees throughout their working day.

The possible drawbacks

Having looked at the good things that may come with installing a number of windows within your office, lets look at the potential drawbacks:

A lack of privacy. Everyone enjoys a good snoop from time to time, and there is no doubt that throughout the working day sometimes our eyes can’t help but wander. Not only will passers by be able to look into your office, but also vice versa – if your office is opposite a building that also has lost of windows, this can be quite distracting!

Safety. If your glass isn’t installed or tempered correctly, there could be potential risk. At Workspace Design and Build, our experienced team ensures that all fit-outs meet the required standards.

Temperature. Glass isn’t the best of insulators, and as a result, a lack of proper insulation could leave your employees feeling a tad chilly! And of course, there’s always that one colleague who insists on having the window open. Some people are naturally hot; some are naturally cold, so when deciding to open a window – make sure that you aren’t treading on anyone’s toes and do your best to find the right balance.

Cleanliness. Cleaning windows isn’t as easy as hoovering or dusting. When making the decision of installing a number of windows, take into consideration the fact that you will need to be able to maintain their cleanliness over time.

And you?

What do you think? Do you think that there’s a thing of too many windows within office design? Leave a comment below or get in touch with your thoughts. Or, alternatively, fire us a tweet or let us know via Facebook.