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June 21, 2016

7 things you should consider before having an office pet

An office plant, a state of the art coffee machine and a fully stocked stationery cupboard are all standard office essentials these days. But, what about an office pet?

As well as adding a bit of cuteness to your working day, research shows that enlisting a furry friend to the workplace could also improve productivity!

While inviting pets into your office could make your employees happier, it may not always be feasible. In this blog we will look at the things to consider before making such a big decision.

1. Ask your colleagues

It’s not against the law to have a pet in the office, but first and foremost you should seek permission from your employer. Just so as to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

It’s also common practice to ask your colleagues first, as well as it being polite. If the general consensus is to allow a pet into the office, you must make sure that there are no allergies or phobias.

2. Deciding which animal is the most appropriate

Choosing which pet to invite into the office is a big decision. Obscure pet choices, such as snakes or chickens for example, may not be the most sensible of decisions.

Cats, on the other hand could be an option as they are independent and wouldn’t need much additional attention.
Dogs are a common office pet as are sociable, well behaved (if trained) and are bound to create a happier working environment.

3. Is there space?

Before committing to an office pet, it’s important to make sure that you have enough space. The last thing you want is for your pet to be restricted to one room and not able to roam freely. There must also be a designated quiet area for your pet to rest.

4. Make the rules

You must make sure that rules are in place before taking the responsibility of an office pet. Walking, cleaning and feeding are all factors to consider and so deciding who is in charge for such tasks must be made early on.
This could cause considerable downtime to the productivity of your employees’ day, so consider making a timetable that is fair.

5. Insure your pet

Although insuring can be a menial task, it’s of the utmost importance that you make sure that your pet is insured. At the end of the day, our four-legged friends are still animals and they could cause considerable mischief or trouble.

It’s therefore best to cover your animal with a good insurance policy. Gnawing cables, potentially harming a fellow employee or causing any other damages are all risks that you could face when taking on an office pet. So, do your homework and make sure that your insurance will cover you!
The last thing you want to do is cause distress within the workplace, which could affect overall wellbeing.

6. Disturbances

Of course, before taking on an office pet there are a few things to be especially aware of. Animals are noisy, potentially smelly and these are all factors to be considered.

7. Look on the bright side

While there are additional responsibilities to take on board when inviting a pet into the office, the positives can be quite rewarding.

Productivity, a reduction in stress levels and all-around job satisfaction are all proven factors that may come with having an office pet.

A furry friend can promote a good, relaxing atmosphere and help form tighter links with your fellow colleagues.
Therefore, not only can an office pet help promote productivity but can provide companionship for those who work alone.

Research has also shown that employees could in fact be more inclined to work more hours if they could take their pet to the office – subsequently, decreasing rates of absenteeism!

And you?

Do you think that there are other important things to consider before getting a pet? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about having an office pet by leaving us a comment below. Or let us know on Facebook or fire a tweet over to us.