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September 12, 2018

How temperature affects office productivity

Balancing the wants and needs of an office all day can be a challenge. When you spend each day in the same environment, temperature is a factor that significantly affects office productivity and the morale of employees. A consistent middle ground is essential in order to optimise efficiency.

If the office is too hot, employees can become agitated and lethargic, affecting peoples’ moods and reducing their focus, leading to a reduction in productivity. Similarly, being too cold may lead to a sharp decline in employee morale due to frustration.

As temperatures change and the Autumn season draws in, it is important to monitor office temperatures to ensure everybody is content and to avoid productivity being negatively influenced. If this means investing in air conditioning, fans or splashing out on some central heating, then the expenditure will be worth it as your employees will be more productive in return.

Similarly, before making a change to the temperature of the room, including opening a window or turning the AC/ heating on, consider what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing too many layers, remove one instead of altering the heat of the room. It’s the little things!

An important factor to note however – studies from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggest that the exact temperature to maximise creativity and productivity should be 21 degrees Celsius, any more or any less will see productivity decrease. Consequently, it is important to monitor office temperatures and keep it as close to that figure as possible, dependent of course on the temperatures outside the office and the time of year.

Feeling hot?

Who knew there was so much to consider when choosing the heat for your office. The best piece of advice we can give is to simply ask your workforce and colleagues what temperature they’d feel comfortable in!

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