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September 04, 2018

Six inspiring office designs in Manchester

To feel inspired by a space is a very personal thing – a hugely creative commercial development with activity-based workspaces could peak some peoples’ creative interests, whilst others glean inspiration from the little things, like an office that mimics the industrial past of its city.
In this post, we’d like to take you through six of our most inspiring office designs – from the functional to the fantasy. Let’s take a look.

Buffalo 7
At Buffalo 7, the creativity is always flowing – and that’s largely down to the tree house situated right in the centre of the space, helping to bring the outside in. This inspiring office design includes a spiral staircase and a mezzanine floor making the space visually stunning. Large potted plants and flowers are in situ throughout the office as well, improving the look and subsequently increasing productivity.
Important to note are the bulkheads incorporated into the space with feature lighting – these add to the quirky and stylish vibe of the Buffalo 7 office and give its workforce a place to not only thrive and innovate, but a place to be proud of.

Social Chain
Have you ever felt utterly bored of going up and down the same flight of stairs all day? Well, Social Chain did, and they decided to do something about it.
The Manchester-based social media company commissioned the creation of a giant blue slide running down from a mezzanine level, plummeting straight into a ball pit. With Social Chain wanting to keep a strong, youthful spirit at the heart of their inspiring office design, it was crucial that the office environment was engaging a new generation, with bold ideas, in an ever-changing landscape.
A breakout area with a mattress floor resembling a soft play area, a games station and sleeping pods are all included in Social Chain’s generation Y-focussed office space.

Access to Music
Student life is very ‘work-hard, play-hard’, so Access to Music’s campus was crying out for some funky chill out areas for their college students to collaborate and socialise. As a music college, it was vital that functionality was kept at the heart of the process as the facility would need multiple recording studios, a staged auditorium and modern sound-booths. Amongst all these key features, the design included stripped back ceilings, exposed electrical work and brickwork, creating a cool industrial vibe.
Music is born from inspiration, so this super cool mixture of steel and brick is the perfect way to tap into these musician’s creative juices!

Federation House
It’s all about open plan at Federation house – a community of digital businesses and innovators in Manchester. The exposed space accompanied by small meeting pods maintains the original industrial aspects that make the space so unique, such as visible floor beams and exposed soffits.
The fit-out enabled the production of event space across two floors which has become hugely popular for technology and digital events across the city. Any space that fits the needs for public speaking, conferences and workshops is one that taps into every individual’s creativity with ease.

10th Floor York House
Incorporating the Manchester bee into your inspiring office design has to be the perfect way of keeping the city at the heart of your company.
Accompanied by a yellow feature wall, 10th Floor York House is boosting positivity with this bright and lively colour scheme – whilst the multi-functional office space including inter-connecting boardrooms and breakup spaces maintain the functionality of the workspace. Hanging plants soften the space and create the perfect balance between functionality and style.

Feeling inspired?
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