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November 29, 2016

How much branding is too much OR too less?

With businesses promoting themselves externally through websites, social media, and the old school use of a business card is there any need to push branding into the work space? No matter how on message your team are could branded pens or mouse-mats make for a more efficient and productive work force? In this blog we aim to find out how much branding is too much or too less.

You need to brand

Many argue that branding your office space is just as important as branding your stationery. By using branding in the work place you are creating a sense of place. Aligning your work space to your brand creates consistency. If your office isn’t branded, then you’re missing a key part of your business communications strategy.

Unique to your business

While each business will brand their office differently it’s the details that are important. Branding your office gives it a unique identity and it reminds employees and clients what you’re here to do. Most offices play it safe and go for a feature wall painted in the company colours but if it’s in your company spirit to be a bit more adventurous then go for it!

The message

Think about what message you are portraying with your office space. Your office space should be a reflection of your industry and the work you do. For example, a modern tech office needs to have a workspace that reflects to this work. A great open plan space that harnesses today’s technological advancements will portray a much better message than a cluttered office full of piles of paper and out-dated laptops.

The message and the image need to be telling the same story. By branding your office you’re reaffirming your brand.
At Workspace Design and Build our team of specialists work alongside you to make sure that we gain a thorough understanding of your business requirements and the work that you do in order to design the perfect workspace.

Too much or too little?

So what is too much office branding? While branding your office neatly compliments your internal and external communications strategy when can it all get a bit too much?

There is a thin line between too much and too little.

Office branding needs to inspire employees and create a sense of place and focus. Too much and employees will feel swamped by seeing the company logo everywhere.

However, too little and your workspace runs the risk of not being a clear representation of who you are.

One way to keep track of your office branding is to ask your employees. The people you work with are part of your brand so ask them for their input. When designing new space, you need to understand how it will work for everyone.

Involve your employees at the start of the redesigning process. As well as creating the perfect workspace by doing this, your employees will not only be engaged but have a sense of ownership. This will make the views of your employees feel valued which contributes to overall employee wellbeing. Take a look at our blog about wellbeing in the workplace to find out more.

And you?

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