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March 17, 2017

Fictional office designs we wish existed

Films, TV shows and novels entertain, inspire and challenge us, as well as offer a place for us to escape to. From enchanting new worlds to the most stylish of offices, they take us places we have never been nor are possible to go to.

And for those of us who spend our working days in a mundane and uninspiring workspace, who wouldn’t love the opportunity to spend a week at one of our favourite fictional character’s offices?

Here are a few fictional workspaces we wish existed:

The Devil Wears Prada

It’s any aspiring fashion intern’s dream to work for an esteemed fashion publication – in any city, let alone New York. Miranda Priestley’s Runway is all about fashion. The magazine dictates the latest trends, how we should be dressing and who we should be following.

In a world where labels, accessories and calories matter so should your office design. Imagine working in a sleek and stylish office, where every piece of furniture is coordinated, ahead of the trend and, of course, very expensive.

But does opting for a sleek dark desk with matching monochrome chairs, for example, encourage workplace productivity? If you provide your employees with a swanky workspace will they be more inclined to work more efficiently? Research indicates that providing your employees with the latest technologies and equipment will increase morale, but to find out more on engaging your employees take a look at our blog about wellbeing within the workplace.

Wayne Manor

It may look like the average billionaire’s mansion from the outside, but little do the people of Gotham know that inside Wayne Manor is Bruce Wayne’s biggest secret. While there have been several screen adaptations of the popular Batman films and therefore interpretations of ‘the Batcave’, in this blog we are going to look at Nolan’s workspace design.

In Nolan’s first instalment of the trilogy, “Batman Begins”, Batman’s office was a large cave system only accessible behind a waterfall tucked away on a nearby cliff. But when Wayne Manor was rebuilt in “The Dark Knight Rises” the layout remained similar with far more impressive, state-of-the art equipment and computers. Batman wouldn’t have been able to carry out his heroics without the help of his gadgets, gizmos and technologies.

And this in some respect is an example of how the workplace is evolving. New technologies are constantly evolving and this has influenced the way we work. We are now more connected than ever enabling better communication around the world. Take a look at our blog about how the workspace has changed in the last twenty years and how taking advantage of the latest technologies benefits workplace productivity.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

For any child – and adult for that matter – who has seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the most spectacular scene is when the children enter the Chocolate Room. This is the first encounter the winning children have with Wonka’s magical world so ingeniously created by Roald Dahl.

Willy Wonka’s staff – the charming/creepy Oompah-Loompahs – are perhaps the luckiest employees world to have such a workspace. Imagine having cream-topped toad stills, mint sugar grass, candy cane trees and Wonka Swirls lollipops as office basics, not forgetting the main centrepiece – the chocolate waterfall. Research shows that plants and water features do wonders for employee wellbeing. Imagine the sound of falling, trickling melted chocolate to encourage a relaxed atmosphere…

However, those of us who work 9-5 in the real world already know the difficulties when it comes to ‘office-snacking’ and temptation. There’s always that one colleague who insists on buying cookies and cakes for everyone. Take a look at our blog about deskercise that will recommend a few things you can do throughout the working day to stay fit. May be worth the Oompah-Loompah’s having a read….

At Workspace Design & Build we have an unrivalled reputation for delivering the most stylish, innovative and productive workspaces. If any of these fictional workspaces have inspired you with regards to your office fit-out do get in touch. For more information about our services fire us a tweet or check out our Facebook page!