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February 23, 2017

What do employees want from office design?

In this blog, we look at what employees want from office design to improve their satisfaction in the work place and how this in turn can benefit overall business performance.

There is a lot of research investigating what makes a great office by bodies such as The British Council of Offices and it’s no secret that office design has a direct impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. Check out our blog about wellbeing within the workplace to see how office design can improve your staff’s experience at work.

Making changes to your office design and giving employees what they need to be comfortable and happy can improve your business performance.

So, what do people want from their office?

Comfort – Nearly 90% of those surveyed by The British Council of Offices reported comfort as being the most important factor to them at work, aspublished in their ‘What Workers Want’ report. Research has shown that efficiency and productivity are increased when employees are comfortable. Minimising health risks and fatigue by considering the ergonomics of desks and chairs can therefore have a significant impact on your business’s performance and employee satisfaction. Check out our blog on the impact of office design on business performance.

Lighting – another essential aspect of employee satisfaction recognised in the ‘What Workers Want’ report. Natural light can decrease fatigue, headaches and stress as it has a positive effect on hormones. Employees spend about 90% of the day behind a desk looking at a screen so increasing the amount of natural lighting in the office can improve employee mood and, in turn, boost productivity. We explore this further in our blog on natural lighting and windows.

Creativity – Having interesting and stimulating surroundings can also encourage employee satisfaction and creativity. More and more companies are creating offices which incorporate more relaxed and creative designs. Research dictates that a more informal and inspirational setting can increase employee communication and satisfaction and in turn, business productivity. See more reasons why a stimulating office is desirable for employees in our blog, 4 ways office design can inspire creativity.

Noise – Issues with noise were another highly ranked factor linked to employee satisfaction in the ‘What Workers Want’ survey. Employees often want quiet, private places to work alongside more communal areas. Having a layout which considers employee needs can drive employee satisfaction, as indicated by the British Council of Offices. Collaborative workspaces can also be desirable in certain situations to increate communication within teams. Take a look at our blog about collaborative workspaces to find out more about what you can do to improve productivity in your design today.

Any other factors?

Other office issues which are flagged as being important to employees include the overall cleanliness of the office, access to toilets and reliable Wi-Fi. Whether you are renovating or relocating, it is important for you to consider the wants of your employees to create a productive and healthy work environment and ultimately increase productivity.

Here at Workspace Design & Build our team of specialised experts are on hand to offer you the best advice before carrying out a successful office fit-out. We take the time to understand your specific requirements for the office space and apply this knowledge when designing your final product.

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