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August 02, 2016

What the state of your work desk says about you

Whether you’re a hoarder of office pens or someone who likes to make sure that all stationery and files are stored correctly, the state of your office desk can tell a lot about you and your outlook to work.

No matter how hard we try to keep our desk organised, as the working day progresses (and what seems to be a million and one tasks thrown our way), clutter will accumulate.

It’s unlikely that the state of your or your colleague’s desk is going to be the hot topic of conversation for the day, but research has shown that over 50% of workers judge the state of a colleague’s workspace and 90% believe that clutter has a negative impact on work.

In this blog we will look at various tell-tale signs that may appear on your colleague’s, or even your very own, work desk and what they say about you.

Less is more

Take a look around the office. What can you see on your colleague’s desks? Half-empty coffee mugs and an overload of sticky post-it notes are often common culprits that could hinder productivity.
An abundance of post-it notes not only represents a lack of technological awareness in today’s working world, but may be distracting for your fellow colleagues. Copious paper clips, half-filled take-out coffee cups and last month’s meeting notes may not exactly be appropriate fuel for creativity.

And there’s no time like the present! If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the composition and collection of items within your personal space, use this time to get rid of any unwanted untidiness.

Clean is commendable

Deep down, the majority of us long for a highly-organised, clean and documented desk.
A clean desk reflects an attention to detail and an ability to prioritise – not only what is on your desk, but also how to tackle your tasks for the day.

A tidied desk is also somewhat refreshing. Taking the time to file any loose sheets floating around, pop all of your pens back into the pot and having a quick clean is likely to psychologically revitalise, motivate and inspire you throughout the working day.

The same can be said for having a tidy and maintained workspace. At Workspace Design and Build, our team are able to provide you with a selection of practical and stylish designs that can help you keep your office and desks organised.

Is there such thing as a creative mess?

Research states that, “cluttered minds can lead to a number of pathways and solutions”. So before you discard a heap of sticky notes, coffee cups and hand cream, consider whether having these items in fact create a relaxing atmosphere that could fuel your inspiration for the day.
And surely a little bit of untidiness never hurt anyone! A jumbled desk could actually be paramount in creating a relaxed atmosphere, consequently inspiring your employees to be more creative, take risks and explore innovative ideas.

However, although a messy environment could provide you with the innovation needed to make ground-breaking decisions and insightful content, try not to go overboard. Having too much on your desk could give an unfavoured impression – especially if you are out of the office and your director catches a glimpse of your desk. They may not be able to see the “creative magic” present on your desk that you do.

Just remember to keep everything in moderation, because after all, your desk is a reflection of you!

And you?

No matter what type of desk you work at, at Workspace Design and Build our team of specialised experts will be able to provide you with a workspace that caters for all.

Do you believe that a messy desk is key for creativity or that a clean desk is necessary for productivity? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.