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March 26, 2019

How innovative furniture is transforming the modern office

Workspaces furnished with rows of desks and ‘traditional’ swivel chairs are now becoming a thing of the past. Conventional offices are now being considered mundane and uninspiring.

Innovative furniture is on the rise in offices, transforming the way we work. Read on for some examples of contemporary furniture designs and how they are changing the modern office.


The ‘ordinary’ workstation is becoming more and more redundant in contemporary offices. With advancing mobile technology, more often than not you just need a place to sit occasionally and a comfortable environment to get you into a productive headspace. The desk has had its day… work no longer needs to tie you to an orthodox workstation.

All you really need is comfortable seating in an intimate, collaborative and undisturbed environment. Sofas with integrated power points are taking over, and we can see why!

Hive Meeting Pods

Like conventional workstations, conference and board rooms are in also in decline. Understandably, rooms away from office distractions are sometimes required for your more formal and confidential business meetings, but for casual in-house discussions, they can seem a little unnecessary.

Hive Meeting Pods could be the solution. The multifunctional beehive-shaped space can be used for informal meetings or as a quieter co-working space to do concentrated work. The secluded pod can be positioned anywhere in the office, allowing you to remove yourself from any distractions.

Hive Meeting Pods can help boost productivity and stoke your creative flare, due to its unorthodox and inspiring design. Aside from the functionality, it can also really complement your office thanks to its quirky and ultra-modern design.

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Office Pavilions and Micro-Environments

Kettal’s Office Pavilions are flexible workspaces designed to create dynamic environments and give shape to big, open spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Office Pavilions can be used to create pop-up meeting rooms and workspaces both indoors and outdoors. The structures can be left open or closed with movable walls that come in aluminium, wood, fabric and glass – enough breadth of choice for any office design. Plus, they’re capable of creating secluded rooms to optimise the acoustics in open-plan office spaces.

Modular workspaces can be combined in various compositions to create ‘micro-environments’ within large, open workspaces.

The system is designed in direct response to the “dynamicity” of today’s workplace. Featuring standalone frames finished with curtains, they can act as a visual and noise-reducing acoustic shield.

Copyright: Archiproducts

Stand Up Desks

One of the latest office trends is to work standing up. Office work is notorious for being predominantly desk based as employees sit and stare at a computer screen for hours on end.

Sustained periods of sitting down is not good for health and can increase the chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation as well as resulting in a 20% drop in “good” cholesterol. Standing up while working can help to offset some of these health risks.

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Nap Pods

For most people, sleeping on the job is generally frowned upon. However, evidence is mounting that an afternoon nap is a perfect solution to avoid that afternoon lull. Some of the biggest companies in the world – including Google and Mercedes Benz have brought in “nap pods” for their employees to utilise, and are seeing improved productivity in return.

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