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February 27, 2018

Five Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation

An office relocation is often necessary to adapt to a changing company and accommodate all members of staff. However, this can be an unnerving and arduous endeavour, so make sure you are fully prepared before making the big move.

Effective planning

In the lead up to the big day, make sure you plan each and every detail down to a tee in order to avoid stressing last minute. That means asking yourself some key questions, including:

• Where do you want to relocate to and why?
• How much space is required?
• When do you need to move?
• How will it benefit the business?
• How long do you intend on staying there?
• Do you have a budget?

When you have answered these questions, make sure your colleagues are made aware and gauge their opinion to avoid any last minute upsets or surprises. Organisation is key, so make sure you and your team are on top of things in advance of the projected relocation date. There are a number of things that must also be taken into consideration including the commute time, public transport links, accessibility, rent, amenities and IT coverage.

Create a project team and leader

An office relocation is far too much work for one person to undertake alone – it’s a team effort and requires cooperation. That being said, a project leader is essential in order to make key decisions and overlook the process. A team leader must have knowledge of the company, extensive experience, effective communication skills and high levels of organisation. This way, it will keep everybody on the same page and minimise delays and inaction.

Get professional advice

In order to ensure a successful move you could seek the assistance and partnership of commercial property experts. Using a trustworthy and esteemed agent can make the whole process – and the lives of your colleagues- considerably easier! Make sure you do your research though – ask previous clients for recommendations and make a judgement regarding who you believe is best suited for the role.

Anticipate slip-ups

It is inevitable that there will be obstacles and drawbacks. An office relocation is not plain sailing but that does not mean you have to be stressed. Anticipate change and delays to the process, whether this means construction hold ups, weather or delivery issues. There are a number of factors out of your control but don’t panic or lose persistence. Be intelligent with the planning and take into account the potential for slip-ups. Be strategic, organised and patient and just stick with it!

Moving out

Take advantage of the opportunity that relocation presents. Get rid of antiquated equipment and dispose of irrelevant paper work or unnecessary equipment. This will ease the transition and means diminishing the obligation to take a multitude of things that frankly, you just don’t need! This will reduce the stress that relocation provides, as you will have less to transport and keep track of!