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April 26, 2016

Five office design ideas for a small office

Designs for offices that are slightly quainter in size should focus on making the most of what space you have, while providing an environment that is both practical and comfortable.

In this guide, we’ll list five easy ways in which you could design your workspace that will benefit its smaller size and give the illusion of having more space than there actually is.

1. Smart storage solution

In a small office, clever storage is key in freeing up as much space as possible and minimising clutter. Storage with a dual purpose can be extremely helpful in reducing the amount of furniture needed and, therefore, the amount of space used. One design idea which helps incorporate storage is building partitions. These can be used to section off individual areas of the office and within some sections, shelves could be fitted. Shelves are an effective way to store files and catalogues that can be readily accessed.

A smart way to make the most of shelving within the office is by using the advantage of ceiling height. Add a stylish, shelved feature wall in order to store files, books and other important documents. This allows a “vintage-study” ambience to be captured within the workspace, which will also increase employee productivity.

2. Use neutral tones with an accent of colour

Too many bold colours in a small space can be overwhelming within the workplace and can make employees feel cramped and uncomfortable. Using neutral shades, such as whites and creams, light will be reflected around the room to create the illusion of a larger space.

We recommend that in the design of your workspace that you include hints of darker or brighter colours. This will add depth and avoid the space feeling too clinical or blank. Adding a feature wall painted with one bold colour will add vibrancy to the office. It will also give indication to an appropriate colour scheme that can be tied in with appliances, soft furnishing and other office stables, such as lamps, cushions and plants.

3. Have one open space

To make the office appear as big as possible, avoid dividing areas with walls. Instead, opt for one open space. An easy way of achieving designated areas within an open space is to incorporate different colours into each area. For example, include a variety of wall colours within the colour scheme to make the kitchen distinctive to the office, or to distinguish between different departments.

Another way to enlarge space without making the room feel smaller is by integrating glass. Glass around individual areas, such as the boardroom, will allow space to be broken without taking up too much room and will allow natural light to flow.

4. Minimal is key

In a small space a minimal approach is usually recommended to stop the office feeling cramped and cluttered. To achieve this, use matching furniture in neutral shades or monochrome and avoid overly-detailed pieces. This enables you to use more colour in the finishing touches of your office within your chosen colour scheme.

5. Artwork and feature pieces

Incorporating a couple of feature furniture pieces, such as a stylish chair or lamp, creates a bold statement within the office. Adding something that is more visually interesting rather than cluttering space with lots of small pieces is more effective within the workspace.

Artwork can also enhance a small space. Just make sure that the pieces aren’t too distracting! Using art can also add additional depth to the workspace, especially if colour is lacking.

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