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October 01, 2018

Storage space in office design – it’s never too much

The significance of the provision of storage space in office design is underestimated. Storage space allows an office to be more organised, enhances the visual quality and employee productivity, and generally helps alleviate your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

As such, we’re dedicating this post to all things storage. These are the key reasons why you should consider improving the storage space facilities within your office.


Always remember that a clear space makes for a clear mind, so keep your desk and your office free of unnecessary clutter to allow your ideas to flow freely in an open environment. Untidy surroundings can overpower and subdue your creative flare, and there are few things that hamper creativity more than a messy space.

Storage space in office design may seem like a lesser factor to consider when designing and fitting out your office, however increasing productivity is about refining the smaller details that can have a considerable impact on your workforce.

First impressions count

Having a tidy office reinforces a brand’s identity as a professional and competent entity. We’ve all been in an awkward position when a client comes around for a catch up and the meeting room hasn’t been cleaned, or there are boxes filled with files strewn across a desk.

Having appropriate storage space across your company will help minimise the risk of an untidy office, ensuring you’re still seen favourably in the eyes of your clients, business associates and new recruits!

It also helps you stay on task if your desk isn’t piled up with mounds of needless clutter, helping you to remain focused and avoiding unnecessary anxiety.


A tidy workplace helps boost morale as operating in a clean and comfortable environment will make your employees feel more content and at ease. A study from the University of Warwick found that employees who felt happy and content were 12% more productive than those who were unhappy.

It all starts becoming a little bit ‘chicken and egg’ now, you might have noticed. A tidy, structured workplace creates happiness, which creates productivity and vice versa.

Setting high standards in terms of storage space and office organisation will make employees feel more appreciated and in turn translate into a more productive work force and enhanced performance.


Storage space can also seriously increase office efficiency, providing everything has a place and that place remains universally consistent. Less time is spent rummaging through the mound of paperwork on your desk as it will be proficiently stored away in cabinets or drawers.

And that’s it!

There are endless benefits to increasing storage in office design, which can contribute to the overall productivity of your employees and positive identity of your brand.

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