23rd October 2018
colour in office design

The Importance of Colour in Office Design – Take 2

Colour has an impact on your mood, productivity and overall wellbeing – it can completely change your frame of mind in a matter of seconds. It’s for this reason that we’re going to take a deep dive into the importance of colour […]
9th October 2018
Functional office design

Creating the most functional office design

When re-designing the perfect new office space, oftentimes the design focus can be too heavy on modernity and style, leaving functionality overlooked. Sure enough, after a few weeks of working in your shiny new office, you may start to come up against […]
1st October 2018
storage space

Storage space in office design – it’s never too much

The significance of the provision of storage space in office design is underestimated. Storage space allows an office to be more organised, enhances the visual quality and employee productivity, and generally helps alleviate your mood and make you feel more relaxed. As […]
20th September 2018
hot desking

Hot desking: hot or not?

Hot desking is a trend in office design that many companies swear by as it boasts countless positive benefits to team productivity and morale. But is it for everyone? Recently we’ve seen greater debate about whether not having your own specific space […]
14th September 2018
inspired spaces awards

Workspace shortlisted for FOUR Inspired Spaces North Awards

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for not just one, but four of our Manchester projects in the Inspired Spaces North 2018. The acknowledgment comes from Prolific North and the award praises inspirational office design and spaces. The […]
12th September 2018
How temperature affects office productivity

How temperature affects office productivity

Balancing the wants and needs of an office all day can be a challenge. When you spend each day in the same environment, temperature is a factor that significantly affects office productivity and the morale of employees. A consistent middle ground is […]