16th July 2020

The end of the office? We don’t think so…

With so many of us now working from home and enjoying some of the benefits, like skipping the struggle of a morning commute – there have inevitably been questions raised about whether this pandemic spells the end of the office. Of course […]
17th June 2020

Workspace D&B wins fit out at Windmill Green

The contractor has been appointed to deliver the CAT B fit out at OneStream’s new office in Windmill Green, Manchester. Workspace is set to work closely with interior designer Atul Bansal of Sheila Bird Studios and commercial property agents Sixteen Real Estate. […]
3rd June 2020

3 ways office life in Manchester could change in a post COVID-19 world

Whilst we all try and navigate our way through this pandemic, we have been speaking to several clients about changes they are considering for the post COVID world. From office size to hygiene, there are plenty of considerations to factor in before […]
4th May 2020

Your post COVID-19 office

The world has gone through a period of extremely rapid digital transformation. Working remotely has – almost overnight – become the new normal. Most of us were used to working and delivering in one way. Now, we have to rapidly adapt to […]
16th April 2020

Watch your posture!

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, 90% of office workers have found themselves working from home. Most people don’t have a home office with an ergonomic chair, so will have no other option except to work from the dining table or perhaps […]
31st March 2020

Guest blog: Standing up to sedentary working

By Greg Biddle, University of Leicester On average, office workers now spend 75% of their day sitting at their desks. But what measures can employers, employees or workplace champions put in place to reduce this unhealthy behaviour? Researchers at the University of […]