Thoughtworks are a community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change.

The Challenge

Federation House is the home of global technology consultancy Thoughtworks, now based in the coworking space in Manchester city centre. Based on ethical values and with aim to create a better digital economy for all, Federation House fits in with the ethos of Thoughtworks.

The Brief

With the company expanding and growing, Thoughtworks wished to be in the heart of the Northern Quarter working alongside other digital led businesses to suit their growing market share. They wanted their space to be innovative with small meeting pods, collaborative events space and have an open office environment.

Our Solution

Working closely with the existing design team Sheila Bird Group to develop bespoke furniture solutions to split the space sympathetically. Workspace produced a productive, effective and relaxed environment using hard and soft materials to assist in sound absorption and modern feel.


“Steve Jobs once said - “Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." This saying certainly rings true to the team and partnership that was created between Sheila Bird Design, Workspace Design & Build and ThoughtWorks on the design and build out of our new space in Manchester. A partnership based on deep trust of three organisations each pushing boundaries in their respective fields, we've truly been able to create something special on the 4th floor of Federation House, a new Digital Hub in the industrial heart of Manchester. A space designed around encouraging inclusivity, a space where we encourage the best minds to work and be at their most creative.
Working with the expert team from Workspace, the process of taking ideas that had been painstakingly crafted from paper and turning them into reality was one done with great professionalism, speed and the highest of quality. As a client, I couldn't have asked for more from Workspace. They were honest, transparent and always working hard to make sure our tight timescales were never at risk whilst not compromising quality. When issues arose, they were always quick to inform me and let me know the plan they were taking, making the process of moving a business that little bit easier. It was a pleasure to work with Russell and his team.”
Phillip O’Neill, Market Principal