Dentsu Aegis

Dentsu Aegis

Breaking down barriers to communication was key in the design of this space.

The Brief

Multinational media and digital marketing communications company, Dentsu Aegis, sourced this space in Manchester as a new home base for the IT department. With Manchester booming, they saw it as the perfect location to set up a part of this international business.
With a blank canvas to work from, they wanted to create a space that reflected the way they think and that celebrates technology.
As well as the IT department, part of human resources would be joining them, so they wanted to create a space that connected them.

Breaking Down Barriers

This new office location meant the business was bringing together people from different parts of the country, so the client placed an emphasis on wanting to create a sense of community. The design process was focussed on developing a space that encourages people to interact throughout the day.
The first step to implementing this was to remove the corridors and create a walkway around the edge of the whole space. This way, people walk around most of the space and interact with their colleagues.
This work space features 3 offices, over 150 open plan desks, 9 meeting rooms, 6 pods, 8 booths, informal area with seating for 50 and further seating located around the edge of the open plan office for over 60 people.
An eye-catching reception area, open plan kitchen and dining room, plus bleachers seating is also featured.

Informal Spaces

As well as all the practical office space, we worked with Atul Bansal from Sheila Bird Group to create significant spaces where employees could work away from their desk, take a break, or socialise. It was important to make this space feel like a completely different place, and we achieved this with the furniture, flooring and partitioning.