24 Lever Street

24 Lever Street

24 Lever Street launched to the creative community following workspace refit.

The Challenge

24 Lever Street is a century old ex-factory building in the Northern Quarter that had sat empty for several years due to fire damage. However the building’s owners were keen to market its potential to a new breed of creative companies as a traditional workspace at the heart of Manchester’s city centre.
In collaboration with Various Artists and Digital Blah Blah, they created a new identity for 24, along with a website and promotional print material.

The Brief

The identity was designed to be flexible and required an innovative fit-out company to deliver the concept: a traditional work space adapted to meet the needs of the Manchester Northern Quarter’s renowned creative industries.
The main aim was to get rid of all modern building products and suspended ceilings and return the beautiful factory building to its former glory as a 21st century creative hub.
Wanting to appeal primarily to creative companies, a traditional fit-out was avoided and contemporary space was required with an emphasis on the synergy between the on and offline workspace.

Our Solution

Workspace Design & Build has produced a forward-thinking space for the Northern Quarter’s creative community.
Previously a factory, the 100 year old building had sat empty for several years due to fire damage. It has been newly refurbished throughout by the Workspace team.
The building needed to be an inspirational space to embody the creative spirit of its future inhabitants. Fusing the traditional and the contemporary, the original features of the Grade II listed building have been enhanced and injected with ultra-modern features such as broadband connectivity.
Workspace met and in some cases surpassed the expectations of the client's design team by utilising original features and adapting the design as new interesting details emerged from the building.
Russell Davis at Workspace said: “The main scope was to try and get the building back to its original heritage and rip out all the suspended ceilings and modern building products so we could return it to its original layout.
“We worked with the design team throughout the process and as we discovered interesting details about the building, we changed the plans and made the most of them.
“The building was let very quickly. We then went on to do cat B refurbishments.”


"What is so special about Workspace is that they understood the value of detail. They understood and respected the building, forging an intelligent relationship with the building."
“They were fundamental to the success of the building; helping to retain original features throughout while adding their own layer to the building, which is made up of many layers.”
Atul Bansal at Sheila Bird, Interior Designer, working in collaboration with Workspace.