2nd August 2016
what does the state of your desk say about you

What the state of your work desk says about you

Whether you’re a hoarder of office pens or someone who likes to make sure that all stationery and files are stored correctly, the state of your office desk can tell a lot about you and your outlook to work. No matter how […]
26th July 2016

4 ways office design can inspire creativity

Creativity is key for any innovative and growing company; you could say that ‘creativity’ is the new buzzword of the business world. Business owners must therefore harness this creative process to cultivate innovation and boost productivity. What better place to start than […]
19th July 2016

Is hot-desking a good way to save on office space?

To hot desk or not to hot desk? That is the question that so many companies today are asking when considering how to make the most out of office space. Like it or love it, the primary incentive for hot desking is […]
12th July 2016
Can new office design change company culture

Can a new office design change your company culture?

Company culture is embedded within all aspects of an organisation. From initially creating organisational values to the ways in which employees communicate with each other – culture has significant impact upon how we perform within the workspace. Each company has its own […]
28th June 2016

How to sit at your desk for better posture

Although sitting at your desk all day may not seem all that strenuous, working in an office could in fact cause significant damage to your body and health. If you work in an office, you are likely to spend the most of […]
21st June 2016

7 things you should consider before having an office pet

An office plant, a state of the art coffee machine and a fully stocked stationery cupboard are all standard office essentials these days. But, what about an office pet? As well as adding a bit of cuteness to your working day, research […]