6th December 2016

From Design to Build – How we Work

At Workspace Design and Build, we have an unrivalled reputation for delivering stylish, innovative and productive workspaces for our delighted clients and we get a real kick out of what we do. For any organisation wanting to undergo an office refurbishment, relocation […]
29th November 2016

How much branding is too much OR too less?

With businesses promoting themselves externally through websites, social media, and the old school use of a business card is there any need to push branding into the work space? No matter how on message your team are could branded pens or mouse-mats […]
22nd November 2016
social chain

How the workspace has evolved in the last 20 years

If you were to step into an office from the 1990s the design would be completely different to today. While some designs still focus around a traditional structure – many do not. And this is in large part down to the evolution […]
15th November 2016

Deskercise – how to be healthier at work

Over the last few years the working day for most Brits has got longer with the average person working until seven in the evening. With the death of the nine to five and research suggesting sitting at your desk for eight hours […]
8th November 2016

What makes a great co-working space?

Co-working is the popular name given to describe a style of work adopted by small businesses, solo-entrepreneurs and those wanting to work individually in a shared environment. Yes, co-working predominantly takes place in an office but unlike your typical office environment, those […]
1st November 2016

Form and Function in the workplace

It’s no secret that an organisation’s working environment will directly affect overall productivity, provide a capacity for innovation and creativity while embodying its unique company culture. The idea that “form follows function” in the instance of office design comes from the idea […]