17th March 2017

Fictional office designs we wish existed

Films, TV shows and novels entertain, inspire and challenge us, as well as offer a place for us to escape to. From enchanting new worlds to the most stylish of offices, they take us places we have never been nor are possible […]
23rd February 2017

What do employees want from office design?

In this blog, we look at what employees want from office design to improve their satisfaction in the work place and how this in turn can benefit overall business performance. There is a lot of research investigating what makes a great office […]
7th February 2017
7 issues that will affect the office market in 2016

How a mixture of spaces in your office can support your workers

The secret to having a productive and effective workspace is through careful planning. A thoughtful design plan carefully considered in line with an organisation’s main objectives can boost overall productivity while keeping employees engaged and motivated. An open plan is a common […]
17th January 2017

The impact of office design on business performance

A good office design will not only engage and motivate your employees, but it will also directly impact your business performance. Making a few small changes within the workplace could go a long way. In this blog we will examine the relationship […]
3rd January 2017

Six tips for creating the ideal freelance workspace

One of the biggest perks that comes from freelancing is the ability to work whenever, wherever and even however. There are two types of freelancers; those who work primarily from home and those who work and rent a co-working office space. As […]
20th December 2016

Rise of the office skyscraper

From Tokyo to Toronto, from New York to London, skyscrapers are becoming an increasingly popular feature to a city’s skyline. But are these majestic additions of any benefit? Strategically positioned, an office skyscraper could have tremendous advantage to a company in terms […]